Our team of professional staff strive to provide a comfortable and exquisite shopping experience to the visitors of Najaf City Mall. We work tirelessly to create fun and joyful visit to customers from the diverse demographic prism of society. At Najaf City Mall you find the following services at your disposal:

Information Desk

Mall Events Information

Store Locator Map

Lost and Found

Kiddie Carts

Prayer Room

WiFi Internet Service

24 Hours On-Site Security

24 Hours Camera Surveillance

Mall Courtesy Policy

Appropriate behavior is required at all times in order to provide an enjoyable and safe shopping environment for our visitors:

Smoking in Designated Areas

Smoking is only permitted in specific areas within the mall premises. Please ask the staff for the closest smoking area.

Please Dress Appropriately

In respect of Najaf City’s dress code, conservative clothing is requested in order to promote a conformist atmosphere in the mall.

No Dangerous Activity

Bicycle and other sporting activities that may endanger the mall visitors are prohibited for the safety of our customers.

No Pets Allowed

Under any circumstances, pets are not allowed on the premises.

No Public Display of Affection

Please refrain from any form of display of affection inside the mall

No Unattended Bags

Visitors are required to keep their bags and items with them at all times and to be vigilant in supervising their bags. Any Unattended Bags will be removed by security or staff personnel.